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Azja-Pacyfik (Asia-Pacific, in short: AP) is a yearly journal published in Poland since 1998. It is the most prominent academic periodical in Poland devoted to the study of Asia-Pacific region. Our journal focuses primarily on political, economic and social issues of the region, but we gladly welcome and publish articles covering cultural and religious topics.

The founder and the long time Editor-in-Chief was Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski from the Polish Academy of Science and the Warsaw School of Social Science and Humanities (SWPS), who is also founder of the Asia-Pacific Society, closely linked to the periodical. Currently he is head of the Scientific Board to AP. In 2013 he resumed the function of Editor-in-Chief. Since its very beginning, the journal is published by the Adam Marszałek Publishing House in Toruń.

AP is primarily a Polish-language journal, but scholars and researchers from other countries are also invited to contribute with papers and studies in English. We advise, however, to contact AP by e-mail prior to sending a proposal or a finished article.

Our website contains past issues of the AP in PDF format available free of charge. Articles in English accepted for publication in the Polish-language paper edition will also be posted in their original language version on the website for unlimited online access.

We kindly welcome co-operation from Asia scholars all over the world, both from the region and outside of it!

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Last update: 2013-04-13


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